Recent Projects

Ponderosa Substation

La Plata Electric Association, Durango, Colorado 2010

69/12.5kV Substation (built for 115kV future upgrade) including a 10/12.5/14MVA transformer, four breaker ring bus (future), four recloser bays, transmission line interconnections, control building, and protection systems.

Turley to Jemez Interconnect 115kV Transmission Line

Farmington Electric Utility System, Farmington, NM, 2007-2009

Design of 12 miles of 115kV transmission line on wood pole H-frames using PLS-CADD and PLS-POLE. Engineering services included routing and permitting, specifications, material coordination, construction contract, field staking and construction observation.

5 Shaft SCADA System Upgrade

Climax Molybdenum Mine, Leadville, Colorado, 2009-2010

Integration of new pumping stations and motor controls with existing SCADA system, including PLC programming, communications, and commissioning.

Bosque County Power Plant

Laguna Park, Texas, 2009-2010

Complete coordination study and relay settings calculations for a 300MVA Generator, including generator, transformer, and bus protection, as well as breaker failure and integration with 345kV system protection. On-site commissioning and startup support.

Power Plant Protection Upgrades

Xcel Energy, Denver, Colorado, 2009-2010

Fort St. Vrain Unit 1 and 5kV Systems
Design of complete relay upgrades to the Unit 1 protection system and 5kV switchgear, including generator, transformer, feeder and bus protection. Work included calculating complete relay settings and providing full-time commissioning and startup support on site.

Feasibility Studies, System Impact Studies

Highline Electric Association, Holyoke, Colorado, 2009-Present

Generation interconnection Feasibility Studies and System Impact Studies (SIS) for several proposed wind generation sites. Load flow and dynamic analysis using PSS/E for using WECC and MRO system models. Short circuit analysis using Aspen Oneliner.

Protective Relay Seminars

Fort Collins, Colorado, 2010; Farmington, New Mexico, 2006; Lake Buena Vista, Florida, 2000; Fort Collins, Colorado, 1996;

Three-day protective relaying seminars for client engineers and technicians. The seminars cover relay systems ranging from electromechanical to solid-state to microprocessor. All areas of system protection are addressed, including transmission lines, transformers, generators, motors, capacitors, and feeders.

Western Nebraska Wind Farm Feasibility Study

Generation Energy, Kimball, Nebraska, 2008

Interconnection feasibility study for the addition of wind generation in Nebraska, including: maximum power injection without transmission upgrades; analysis and opinions of costs for upgrades needed for up to 250 MW and 500 MW. Connection analysis included 115kV, 230kV, and 345kV transmission lines and busses.

Bottle Rock Geothermal Power Plant Re-Start

Wood Group, Cobb, California, 2007

Design of a 13.8kV, 55MVA Generator protection system for a geothermal plant in Cobb, California. The plant had been mothballed for 14 years then refurbished and restarted in 2007. Work included relay specifications, single line diagram and relay function sheet, three line diagrams, DC schematics, relay settings and coordination study for generator protection, transformer protection, auxiliary transformer protection, and line protection. Performed Pacific Gas & Electric Large Generator Interconnection Agreement (LGIA) interface relaying, short circuit and load flow studies and relay time-current coordination (TCC) using SKM Power Tools software.

Bravo Dome CO2 Compression Station

Alliance Engineering, New Mexico, 2007-present

Design of 15kV systems to power two 11,000hp gas compressors added to an existing 50MW plant. Work included switchgear building, coordination with VFD and motor manufacturer, design of duct banks and cable runs, specification of station power transformers, and integration of new protection into existing systems. Study work included full plant loadflow model, short circuit and coordination studies, and arc flash study for equipment labeling and personnel protection.