NRG Energy—Necker Island, BVI—Micro-Grid Project

eec_admin Generation Interconnection, Independent Power Producers, Planning and Studies, Protective Relaying, Renewable Energy, Transmission and Distribution

Designed the electrical system for a renewable energy distributive generation style project on an island in the British Virgin Islands. Existing power was generated by diesel generators and the goal of the project is to reduce generator fuel consumption by 80%. Wind turbine(s), solar arrays and a battery system are part of the design to reach this goal. The island …

Kirkwood Meadows Public Utility District Outvalley Overhead 115kV and 34.5kV Transmission Line

eec_admin Municipalities, Transmission and Distribution

EEC has designed a two mile 115kV transmission line with 12.5kV underbuild and 1.8 miles of 34.5kV subtransmission line with 12.5kV underbuild. Work included coordination with PG&E for the 12.5kV underbuild design and cutovers. Construction was through mountainous terrain south of Lake Tahoe. Civil/Structural design included foundations and steel transmission poles.

Black Hills Power – Terry Ranch Road Sub

eec_admin Government Entities, Investor-Owned Utilities, Substations, Transmission and Distribution

230kV Switching Station – the switching station is configured as breaker and a half bus containing six 230kV, 2,000A breakers and provisions for six future breakers, with four transmission line terminals and four additional future transmission line terminals. 230kV Transmission Line design consisted of 4 double circuit lines on self-supporting steel poles for the substation exits. The switching station and …

Abengoa Solona to Panda Double Circuit 230kV Transmission Line

eec_admin Independent Power Producers, Renewable Energy, Transmission and Distribution

Design of 20.7 miles of 230kV double circuit transmission line on steel poles using PLS-CADD and PLS-POLE. Design took into account having limited shadows on the solar panels causing poles and spans to be shorter for the first mile of line leaving the Solona Substation. Engineering services included plan and profile drawings, staking sheets, loading tree drawings for steel structures …

PPGA Bypass to Hasting North 115kV Transmission Line

eec_admin Transmission and Distribution

Design of 2.5 miles of 115kV transmission line using T2 conductor on single pole wood tangent structures and self-supporting steel poles and foundations for corners and deadends using PLS-CADD and PLS-POLE. Engineering included routing, plan and profile drawings, specifications, construction contract and material purchase contract. Performed detailed simulation studies to recommend personal protective grounding materials and practices for 115kV and …

Gunnison County Electric Association Almont North and South 25kV Distribution Line Rebuild

eec_admin Public Utility Districts, Rural Electric Associations, Transmission and Distribution

Replacement of an existing 25kV line over several mesas, crossing the East River between Crested Butte and Gunnison. Work included survey-grade GPS mapping of the line route, PLS-CADD and PLS-Pole modeling of the line and structures, one 800 foot span crossing from the top of a mesa to the far side of the river 200 feet below, field staking, construction …