Transmission & Distribution

Exponential Engineering Company designs transmission and distribution lines for utilities and Rural Electric Associations throughout the United States. Our experience encompasses mountainous terrain, plains, coastal areas, all NESC loading conditions, large conductors, river and canyon crossings and areas subject to weather extremes.


Siting, corridor studies, environmental data collection, and public involvement meetings. Comprehensive line design including GPS survey, plan and profile, structure spotting, sag and tension calculations, structure loading and analysis for wood pole, concrete and steel structures and foundations. Underground transmission design for 69kV and 115kV applications.

  • Corridor studies and analysis of impacts
  • Public meetings
  • Design data summary
  • Plan and profile
  • Terrain modeling
  • Mapping backgrounds – USGS, aerial photography
  • Loading condition determination
  • Galloping, ice dropping, and vibration analysis
  • Lightning shielding analysis
  • Sag charts
  • Material breakdown
  • Cost estimates
  • Project management
  • Construction observation
  • Close-outs



Complete design of overhead and underground systems, including field survey and staking sheet preparation and tabulation. EEC provides construction contracts, specifications and unit design drawings.

  • Staking sheets
  • Computerized staking
  • River crossings
  • Major elevation changes
  • RUS standard and utility-specific units
  • Work order inspection
  • Specifications
  • Closeout documentation
  • Underground cable, splice, and termination specifications
  • Trench, direct bury, conduit, and duct bank/manholes
  • Specifications for underground bores
  • Construction observation