Protection, Relaying, Control & Instrumentation Systems

Exponential Engineering Company designs, specifies, integrates, sets and commissions protection systems for distribution, transmission, and generation and station equipment ranging from 120V to 500kV. We perform troubleshooting and analyses of electromechanical, solid-state and microprocessor-based relay systems. Our complete design drawing preparation includes one-lines, relay panel arrangements, material lists, nameplate lists, AC three-lines, DC schematics, panel and equipment wiring diagrams, SCADA interface and communication interface drawings.



Relay protection systems include transmission lines (with fiber optic communications interfaces), transformers, capacitor banks, regulators, reactors, busses, breaker failure, reclosing, synchronism check, generators, generator interface protection, distribution feeders, reclosers and recloser control.

  • Complete relay settings provided in manufacturer's format
  • Relay application to existing stations, including transition to new relaying under outage restrictions
  • Interconnection wiring with field equipment
  • Relay setting calculations cross-reference fault study data and are provided complete to the client
  • Settings and calculations include relay logic, I/O, event records, alarms, and communication interface
  • Field training and seminars for design and operations engineers & technicians
  • Station operating manuals
  • Commissioning, checkout, and testing assistance