Planning & Studies

Exponential Engineering Company's understanding of design, construction and operation efficiencies, combined with our knowledge of RUS and municipal cost accounting processes, allows us to create effective construction work plans, long range plans, capital cost estimates, rate proposals and environmental reports. Our system analysis experience includes coordination, sectionalizing, load flow, short circuit, dynamic analysis, voltage drop, motor starting and grounding studies. In addition, EEC provides system modeling at multiple frequencies, harmonic analysis and prediction, and filter design services.

  • Generation and transmission system planning
  • System modeling for transmission, distribution, industrial and commercial systems
  • Analysis of multiple generation sources, including cogeneration
  • Wind farm generation analysis
  • System fault studies
  • Stability studies
  • Loadflow, power factor, and capacitor placement
  • Conductor sizing
  • Distribution feeder loading
  • Modeling of distribution systems from maps and billing data
  • Equipment sizing and rating, especially for industrial and commercial systems
  • Multi-layer substation grounding analysis
  • Harmonic analysis with EEC-owned recording meter