Substation Design & Construction Management

Design, equipment procurement and construction coordination services for new substations and substation upgrades.

Protection, Relaying, Control & Instrumentation Systems

Design, specification, integration, setting, and commissioning of protection systems for distribution, transmission, generation and station equipment.

Transmission & Distribution

Design, structure spotting, plan and profile drawings, and field staking of distribution and transmission lines.

Planning & Studies

Planning and system modeling for construction work plans, long range plans, capital cost estimates, rate proposals and environmental reports. System analysis including coordination, sectionalizing, load flow, short circuit, voltage drop, motor starting, arc flash and grounding studies.

Arc Flash Analysis

Exponential Engineering Company has a broad base of experience applying overcurrent protective settings for breakers and relays as well as sizing fuses and other fixed trip devices. We understand how to incorporate arc flash analysis into your studies for several applications including industrial, large commercial, power plants, utility systems and transmission systems.

Distributed Generation Interconnection

Specification, design, application and approval for generation interconnections for cogeneration and backup systems, as well as recommendations for new interconnection requirements.

Industrial & Commercial

Design and implementation of medium and low voltage distribution systems for industry, including Class I and Class II hazardous locations.

Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA)

Engineering design and specification of a wide range of complete SCADA systems, from substation control, status and analog interfaces to campus metering and control of individual distribution devices.

Additional Services

We work in compliance with federal, state, county and local government land use laws and regulations. Right-of-way acquisition for power plant sites, substation sites and transmission and distribution line corridors

Software & Hardware
We utilize state-of-the-art software, including:

Our field crews are equipped with the latest instrumentation: Total Surveying Station, GPS units and, notebook computers.