About Us

Over the past 29 years, our dual aim has been to know power and to know our clients. Expertise is one thing, but expertise tailored to clients’ needs in the context of a healthy professional relationship is what sets our work apart.


At EEC, we love working with clients across a range of industries and with diverse power system needs. We have provided our power engineering consulting to rural electric associations, municipalities, manufacturers, and many more.


Our team of engineers carries expertise across the spectrum of power consulting services—from substations and protective relaying to generation interconnection and data analysis. “Full service” gets to the core of what we do.


EEC’s project history shows the extent of our service area, the breadth of our engineers’ experience, and just how comprehensive our power engineering consulting is. We stand behind each of our projects and offer in-depth follow up for every client.

From the President

Grounded in the West.
Connected nationwide.

Since 1993, Exponential Engineering Company has provided full-service power engineering consulting in the Rocky Mountain region and throughout the country. We offer a complete suite of consulting services for clients across all 50 states, applying our extensive experience and expertise to the unique challenges of each project.

No matter the size of your organization or the scope of your project, EEC’s team has the skills, flexibility, and follow through to meet the demands of your power system.

– Tom Ghidossi, P.E.

Our Team’s Thoughts

Greta Bodenham, PHR

Vice President of Operations

“The culture at Exponential Engineering Company places a great deal of importance on the quality of our work and the people who come together to produce it.”

Darcy Tenan, P.E.

Vice President, Senior Engineer

“At Exponential Engineering Company, one of our priorities is building strong relationships with our clients .”